At Blessington Farms, we grow our strawberries hydroponically. Our plants do not grow in the dirt but rather in a state-of-the art vertical gardening system.  We have selected Hydro-Stacker Vertical Hydroponic Growing System. With this innovative approach…

  • There is no soil. The plants are grown in a mixture of vermiculite and perlite.
  • There are no soil borne diseases and plants have fewer pests.
    Plants are fed dissolved mineral nutrients directly to the roots.
  • The plants get exactly what they need to produce exceptional tasting fruits without having to compete with weeds.
  • More food can be produced in less space. We are currently growing 72,000 U-Pick strawberry plants on one and a half acres instead of using 15 acres.
  • We use only about 5% of the water used in traditional strawberry farming.
  • You can pick standing up, so less bending over and strain on your back.
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Are you interested in increasing your fruit & vegetable
yield while decreasing the garden space needed?

If so, please contact us about purchasing a Hydro-Stacker Vertical Hydroponic Growing System. Blessington Farms is the Texas distributor for Hydro-Stacker systems. Whether you are a home grower, a school or a commercial grower, we have the systems that will fit your needs.