Pick Your Own


During the days that our strawberries are available for picking to the general public, the strawberry pads open at 10:00 AM and will close at either 12:00 PM or at an earlier time when the berries have been picked-out. Due to various factors, including a first come, first served policy, we cannot foresee whether our supply of fruit will meet our customers’ demand during this time period. It is highly recommended that customer comes when we first open at 10:00 AM.

Come create great memories picking strawberries, blueberries and thornless blackberries with your friends and family. Berry picking is seasonal so be sure to like us on Facebook and check the website to be in the know about what is ready to pick and when. In the Fall, you and your family can stroll through our pumpkin patch.....we have MANY pumpkins, including decorative and edible varieties. The kids will also enjoy other Fall Festival activities. All Major Credit Cards accepted!

There is always something fun happening at Blessington Farms!